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Christmas already?

This feels like Christmas. Apart from the fact that it is Spring and not Winter. And that we are not going to have one window every day. And not 25 windows in total either. It will be more. And nobody knows when it will end.

So, let us open window number 2. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe …

Tada! Window number two is:


A quick googling for “knitting song” gives us over 10,000 hits! I didn’t really check all of these sites, but I found a few really good songs that I want to share with you.

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy. THIS IS FUN.

Never Not Knitting … The Theme Song

Hunter, Alana Dakos

“She won’t even do the dishes. The houseplants – they are all dead.”
“Just let me finish this row.”
“Nobody has clean laundry […] But they have closets full of sweaters and more socks than they could ever wear.”
“She’s taking pictures of socks again. Oh, poor girl.”

This is my current favourite knitting song. It is the theme song for Alana Dakos’ Never Not Knitting podcast. You can also find Alana on Instagram and Ravelry. Search for nevernotknitting and be prepared for some eye candy.

The Knitting Song

Bill Oddie

“I’m gonna knit. Knit knit all day. I’m gonna knit. My blues away. Well if I’m feeling low, I knit a row, cos a fella needs his knitting just to ease his soul.”

Bill Oddie became famous for his part in the sketch comedy trio The Goodies, but before that he had done some singles on his own, The Knitting Song was one of them. He is telling the listeners what kind of wool and needles to use to knit a tea cozy. Who knew there was such a thing as “danceable knitting music”!
There is even a pattern for a Bill Oddie knitting sweater that the author of “Just call me Ruby” found in her own knitting pattern archive. Bill wore this sweater in “Thank your lucky stars”, a TV pop show (1961-1966).


Arthur Askey

“I knit jumpers. Pretty little jumpers.”
“… a charming occupation for a sweet little girl.”

“Knitting” is from the album Hello Playmates. Arthur Askey was an English comedian and actor. His humour owed much to the playfulness of the characters he portrayed, his improvisation, and his use of catchphrases.

Stick to Your Knittin’, Kitten

The Four Vagabonds

“Knit one, purl one. I am coming back to you.”“Remember what you promised me in your letter. I can hardly wait to see my sweater.” “Stick to your knitting, Kitten, until I come back to you.”

The Four Vagabonds were radio stars of the early and mid 1940s.

Doozer Knitting Song

Jim Henson, Dennis Lee, Philip Balsam

“You know knittin’ s friendly. And knittin’ s fun. Knittin’s good for everyone. And that is why we sing this knittin’ song.”


Do you have a knitting related song that you love? Please leave a comment and let us know your favourite song and maybe also why you love it. We might include it in the Songs window and in this playlist of knitting songs:

I’m gonna knit. Knit knit all day …
Knitting Is My


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